Kids fitness workout, just 10 minutes of fun exercise!

Ok we’ve got another really fun 10 minute kids workout, full of exercises for your whole body! These kids exercises were chosen by my daughter, and as a child herself she knows what kids like hahaha 😀

This one is the shortest of the easy beginner’s exercises, running for only 10 minutes. Even though it’s short, you can choose whether you train at a very high intensity and really work up a sweat (like me, Mr. Ten Thousand) or just get moving and have some fun (like my little girl). Of course it’s really up to you! Even if you need to slow down a bit, just do your best NOT to stop 😀
This kids fitness routine includes full body exercises, head to toe! We have:
– frog jumps, rabbit jumps, kangaroo jumps and more for leg exercises.
– Crab crawls, supermans, beetle crawls and more for core exercises.
– And then we have helicopters, bird wings and arm circles and others for arm exercises.
– On top of that we make time to train kids balance with special exercises for that too, so EVERYTHING is included!

We also have many other fitness videos here on this channel, something for everyone to enjoy and improve their skills in:
endurance, agility, improve balance, get flexibility and range of motion, get strong and much more. You’re most welcome to check out what we share here, all for free 🙂

I do my best to reply to every comment here, so let me know if you have anything to share 🙂 Especially if it’s related to your fitness.
All the best!
– Mr. Ten Thousand.


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